Is coffee fruit or vegetable

Is Coffee a Vegetable?

The coffee bean is the seed inside the red/purple fruit of the coffee plant. The fruit surrounding the seed/ coffee bean is called a cherry, and is actually an edible fruit. During the process of extracting the seed and making the coffee, the fruit is discarded. So no, coffee is definitely not a vegetable.

What is Coffee?

Coffee is an ancient drink that goes back to the 15th century where coffee beans were roasted in shrines. Coffee became popular in USA in the 1700s when coffee houses started to spring up, Coffee is now grown in many countries Brazil, Vietnam and Columbia to name a few.

Coffee production has been very important in the development of Brazil, and gives thousands a job they would otherwise not have. The main ideal conditions for growing coffee are found around the Equatorial line, called the bean-belt, which means that about 50 countries are suitable for growing coffee.

How is Coffee made?

The coffee cherry is harvested and passed through a machine which separates the fruit from the bean. The beans are then separated by weight while passing through water channels.

After this process the light beans float to the top, while the heavy beans sink. Depending on resources coffee is processed by either drying spreading it out to dry in the sun, or the wet method where pulp is removed and parchment of the skin left on by passing the cherries through a pulping machine to separate the pulp from the bean.

After separation the beans are removed to fermentation tanks where they are left for 12-48 hours, this removes a thick layer surrounding the bean.

They now require drying to remove about 11% of the moisture and to prepare them for storage. Hulling and polishing follow, grading and sorting is done by weight and size and beans are reviewed for imperfections.

Defective beans are removed during this process, either by hand or machine to ensure that the best beans are used. Beans are then exported as green coffee, and loaded onto ships in either jute bags or containers.

Roasting transforms the coffee, mostly roasted at around 500 degrees Fahrenheit and when the beans reach a certain temperature they begin to turn brown and the oil inside the bean starts to emerge.

Following roasting the beans are cooled by air or water. Roasting is carried out following importation as this keeps the beans fresher and is probably more hygienic in first world countries. The coffee is then ready to reach the consumer as quickly as possible

Conclusion to is Coffee a Vegetable?

Coffee is not a vegetable and the purpose of a proper grind is to get flavor to the cup. Coarse or fine grind will determine the brewing method which is up to the individual.

Coffee is very important in our daily lives and there are so many different ways to make it along with so many different coffees like folgers coffee that we could have a different coffee every day for a year and still not try them all

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