making coffee in an espresso machine

How to Make Coffee with Espresso Machine

If you love to enjoy a delicious espresso, latte, or flat white at your favorite coffee shop but would like to know how to make coffee with espresso machine and drink that same excellent coffee at home, this article is for you!

Preparing a good espresso doesn’t have to be as complicated as you may be thinking. With the right equipment and a little knowledge, you’ll soon be getting great “shots” in your own kitchen’s comfort.

What Is Espresso or Express Coffee?

Espresso or express coffee is a variety of coffee that originated in Italy; it is prepared with a particular coffee machine that throws water under pressure over a filter with ground coffee. This espresso machine can be steam, piston, or pump

What Do I Need to Make Espresso Coffee?

You will only need:

  •  An espresso machine
  • 7-12gr of freshly ground coffee
  • Water, if it is mineral much better since the taste depends a lot on it
  • Tamper (coffee compressor)
  • 1 cup between 50 and 70 ml

How to Make coffee in an Espresso Machine?

Let’s take a look at these steps to make your espresso

1. Grinding:

Grind the coffee beans with the grinder, achieving a fine grind without becoming powder. This is very
important since if the ground coffee is very thick or very light, we will not achieve the desired consistency
when filtering it.

2. Dosage:

In this step, we must take into account what type of grinder we work with. If it is of the super-automatic kind, we must make sure that an entire load of coffee has just come out in the filter, because if we cannot stay at half load and not put the necessary 7 grams.

And if it is a lever grinder, you have to pull it but then let it go without accompanying it because it already has an internal spring that does this function.

3. Flattened:

After loading the dosage, a small mound of ground coffee forms in the filter. For this reason, it must be leveled by tapping it, so that it can then be pressed evenly

4. Pressing:

In a straight and determined way, the ground coffee is pressed with about 15-20 kg of pressure.

5. Cleaning:

After pressing, it is typical for the cap’s edges to get dirty with a little ground coffee. This dirt can get to the
rubbers on the edge of the filter and cause it not to adhere well in the espresso machine. This is why it is
important to clean it well before the next step.

6. Purge:

It is essential to purge a small amount of water from the extraction group before hooking the filter holder
into the espresso machine because this water carries the residue of the previous burnt coffee. Therefore, this
liquid must be removed to make the new coffee with clean water.

7. Preparing:

We place the filter holder spoon in the coffee machine and apply a water pressure of 8 to 12 bars at 88ºC
approximately, which passes through the filter, dropping all the flavor and aroma of espresso coffee for 20 to
30 seconds. If everything is correct, the final result will be 30 milliliters more or less with a hazelnut colored

Important things to note when making coffee in an espresso machine

If the fall of coffee from the filter to the cup is slow, that is, drop by drop, it means that the ground coffee is very fine and we need a slightly thicker one; on the contrary, if the fall is swift, it is because the ground coffee is very thick and we need a thinner one. Remember that the experience when making an espresso is crucial, and each one will be better than the last. Now…. Enjoy your coffee!

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