comparing decaf coffee to regular coffee

Difference between Decaf and Regular Coffee

There are key main differences between Decaf and Regular Coffee which can be a bit of a challenge to distinguish between the two.

This article aims to help you understand the difference between Decaf and Regular Coffee in the simplest way so that next time you may make an informed decision should you need to choose between the two.

Here are the key differences between regular coffee and decaf coffee:

Regular Coffee is less acidic

The soaking process through which a decaf undergoes causes changes in its pH level. Studies show that a substance is considered acidic when it has a pH level of 7 or lesser.

Regular coffee has a pH level of 4 or 4.5, while a decaffeinated coffee has 5. For this reason, drinking decaffeinated coffee will be your best option if you opt for lesser acidity.

Note that despite the difference, both are still acidic nonetheless. This is why if you are someone with some issues the best thing to do is to set aside your coffee consumption.

Regular Coffee contains more caffeine

The first thing that differentiates a decaf from a regular coffee is the amount of caffeine. From the name itself, decaffeinated coffee, 95% of the caffeine content of regular coffee is removed.

To explain further, a single cup of decaf contains 1mg of caffeine, while a cup of regular coffee contains 85mg. While caffeine has benefits to the body, it also has the downsides, so understanding if caffeine suits you would pretty much determine your best option

Decaf has decreased aroma and taste

The main and most sensible thing between these two lies in the taste. The process of making a decaf greatly affects the aroma, as well as the flavor. This is why coffee enthusiasts, who take the flavor and aroma of coffee seriously, never settle with decaf.

Decaf loses more anti-oxidants

When coffee beans are being produced, it loses the anti-oxidants it naturally has. This is an effect of the roasting process. As anti-oxidants serve the body well, choosing between the two would point to the regular coffee, as the decaffeinated one loses a lot more anti-oxidants

Decaf Coffee doesn’t provide an energy boost

Getting yourself a cup of regular coffee would keep you wide-awake. Caffeine’s main effect on the consumer is that it gives a shot of energy. Should you opt for decaf, you won’t be able to get that energy.

It is for this reason that decaf drinkers choose it. It’s because they prefer to enjoy coffee even if they are about to go to bed.

Regular coffee boosts Metabolic Activity

Regular coffee can serve you well in terms of your metabolism. Caffeine helps in speeding up your metabolic activity, resulting in better extraction of nutrients from the food you take, and toxins are quickly disposed of.

These benefits will eventually lead to the reduction of fat in your body. In simple terms, regular coffee helps especially those who want to achieve healthy metabolism.

Decaf is ideal for large coffee consumption

While caffeine has its benefits, it can only remain beneficial if consumed with moderation. If you are someone who drinks more than 3 cups of coffee a day, switching to decaf would be your best option. With decaf, you can have as much as you want without having to worry about being overdosed in caffeine.

Decaf doesn’t affect hydration levels

Getting more than the average amount of caffeine in a day might result in water loss. Consuming more than 300g of caffeine in a day can lead to dehydration, leaving the decaf as the best option, as it doesn’t affect hydration levels no matter how much you take.

Upon knowing that there are pros and cons in both regular and decaf coffees, it now boils down to your preferences. It’s important to remember that moderation should always be observed in consuming coffee. While it might be safer to drink decaf, things would eventually go wrong with over consumption.

Conclusion on Difference between Decaf and Regular Coffee

Whether you stick with regular coffee or switch to decaf, the important thing is that you understand the
effects of drinking either of these two.

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