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Difference between Americano and Coffee

A glance at a cup of Americano and coffee can seems to be quite similar. Hence, making a distinction between these two beverages can be daunting.

But not for a coffee drink addict like me. It is the reason why both the beverages are found on many coffee shops menu.

Some people love coffee and other Americano. The article illustrates the difference between Americano and coffee in terms of preparation, tastes, flavours and amount of caffeine.

Main Differences between Americano and Coffee

Many people tend to find it challenging to figure out the difference between brewed coffee and Americano. Here are some of the keys to help you tell the differences.

1. Preparation

The base ingredients and preparation of these two beverages is quite different. One type involves simple preparation and the other elaborate preparation.


The Americano drink is prepared by providing hot water and shots of espresso. The best way to make an Americano is by putting the hot water in the mug then pour a shot of espresso gently over the water. You can opt to add a splash of milk or not.

Brewed Coffee

The trick of preparing brewed coffee tends to vary. The most common method is pouring hot water over coffee grounds and let it brew for 4-6 minutes. Ensure the electric drip has an optimal temperature of about 195°F-205°F to get a perfect cup of coffee.

My Thoughts

Preparation of both beverages is quite simple and easy. But brewed coffee requires more attention than Americano. Hence, the chance of getting a sour taste coffee is quite high.

2. Amount of Caffeine

The caffeine content helps you stay active all day. However, these two coffee drinks have a distinct amount of caffeine.


A cup of Americano made out of two shots of espresso has about 94 to 150 milligrams of caffeine. It is the standard shots used by many coffee shops, and it is ideal for a energy boost.

Brewed Coffee

A cup of brewed coffee is said to have about 95 to 200 milligrams of caffeine. Hence, the caffeine content is much higher than the Americano.

My Thoughts

Both coffee drinks have a slight difference in the amount of caffeine. But brewed coffee is a classic drink that offers an extra boost. It means you will remain active throughout the day.

3. Tastes of These Coffee Drinks/Flavours

The flavours of these two coffee drinks are quite different. The disparity comes due to the different base ingredients and methods of preparations.


The Americano drink has a bit fuller and richer taste of espresso. Also, the feeling of Americano tends to vary due to the level of roasting espresso. Light roast espresso has a slightly sour taste.

Brewed Coffee

A perfect cup of coffee has a bitter taste. It can only be achieved by brewing at the right temperature and time. Otherwise, the chances of getting sour coffee taste are high.

My Thoughts

The discrepancies in the tastes of these coffee drinks are due to water temperature, grind setting and brewing time. I recommend Americanos due to the fuller-bodied and richer flavours.

4. History of the Beverages

The roast level and origin of the coffee determine their taste. Understanding the history of these two coffee drinks will help in making an informed decision.


American Soldiers invented americano drink in Italy during the Second World War. The invention was facilitated by the scarcity and high price of coffee. The soldiers decided to dilute the espresso to provide more drink for everyone.

Brewed Coffee

The brewed coffee came into existence due to the world’s collective culture and inventions. The first invention was done by Melitta Bentz, who invented disposable filters. The electrical dip machine is the recent invention that has made brewed coffee preparation easy.

Related Questions on  Americano vs Coffee

Is an Americano Stronger than Coffee?

The amount of caffeine level tends to determine the strength of each drink. However, Americano is said to be stronger than coffee since it has more caffeine level in a single shot of espresso.

Is Americano Coffee Good?

Absolutely. It has a delicious taste and suitable for boosting mental strength in a day. It is one of the reasons behind their popularity in many coffee shop menus.

Does An Americano Taste Like Coffee?

Yes. It has a taste of richer and bolder cousin of black coffee. It happens due to the dilution of espresso, which kicks out the flavour.

Is an Americano Just Black Coffee?

Absolutely. Americano and different type of espresso belong to the category of black coffee. But the method of preparation is what set them apart.

Final Thoughts on Americano and Coffee

The difference between Americano and coffee is slight. Both are prepared by use of hot water. The base ingredients and preparation methods are what brings out the main differences. All in all, just like iced coffee, both of these have an amazing taste and worth a go.

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