comparing white sugar to brown sugar for coffee use

Can You Use Brown Sugar in Coffee

I can’t imagine any morning without a delicious cup of hot coffee, I’d rather be late for work than missing a cup of java.

Thing is coffee comes in different flavors and tastes depending on what you put in it and lately I was wondering if how would my coffee taste if I added brown sugar in it and to my surprise, I didn’t expect it to taste this way.

In this article I am going to share with you if it is a good idea or not to put brown sugar in your coffee, without wasting any more time let’s jump straight to the answer.

If you are someone who is used to white sugar as the partner of your coffee, then the idea of substituting it with brown sugar would sound new to you.

While it isn’t something unusual, given that both are used as sweeteners, you may still be wondering about what your coffee would taste if you use brown sugar. Upon researching and trying it myself, here’s what I have found:

To answer shortly, yes you can put brown sugar in your coffee and you may find the taste is much better when compared to white sugar. when comparing white sugar and brown sugar the major difference is taste and it is completely safe to use it.

Can you use brown sugar to sweeten coffee?

I remember when first I first tried coffee with brown sugar, at first I was a bit skeptical but then managed to convince myself to try it, To my surprise I liked it, I mean really liked it to the point that I only make my coffee with brown sugar and nothing else.

You can use brown sugar to sweeten your coffee without any problems or taste issues, obviously it will taste a bit different from what you used to but if you like the taste then it is completely OK to use brown sugar to sweeten your coffee.

Difference between White & Brown Sugar

Knowing the difference between these two kinds of sugar will make you understand more of its effects on the coffee you enjoy.

While brown sugar still has a few varieties, this type of sugar generally contains molasses, which the white one doesn’t have.

It is the molasses that create that unique wonderful taste to sugar. Further, brown sugar is generally rawer and less processed compared to white.

Due to the lesser processing of brown sugar, it retains a bit of fiber as well as minerals. The white sugar is more refined, unlike brown sugar, which is usually moist, giving that wet-sand texture that sticks to the containers where you put it.

While the white sugar is generally sweeter, it doesn’t bring out that caramel-like flavor, unlike the brown sugar.

Now let’s get to compare the Brown Sugar to White Sugar of in coffee.

You can enjoy a caramel-like flavor through brown sugar

The rawness of the brown sugar gives out a caramel flavored feel into your coffee. Indeed, brown sugar cannot give the sweetness as much as white sugar can. However, if you are someone who prefers richness than sweetness, then using brown sugar to your coffee would be the best option for you.

Using brown sugar is better for well being

Choosing brown sugar over white sugar is also the better option, in terms of what is healthier. The process of producing brown sugar is generally lesser compared to white.

For this reason, it retains some fibers and minerals from the plant where it originated. Even so, the difference between these two isn’t that much as both sugars have been processed nonetheless

Ideal substitute for brown sugar

Should you wish to find another alternative to brown sugar, these two would give that same great taste.


Molasses is a thick syrup that is also used as a sweetener, same as brown and white sugar. As the very cause of the great brown sugar taste, using for molasses as a substitute would bring your coffee a rich and flavorful taste.

Try to look for cane syrup or cane molasses, as these produce dark and deep taste. Sugar beet molasses, on the other hand, isn’t recommended, because of its bitter and smelly properties.

Maple Syrup

Aside from molasses and brown sugar, the maple syrup would be your other alternative. Note that this syrup would provide lesser sweetness, so adding in a generous amount would be the thing if you choose to use this.

The maple syrup would bring your coffee a nutty sweetness to your coffee, which you will enjoy. Take note that this would be pricey compared to brown sugar. But if you feel like trying, it would give you the satisfaction in your coffee

Is brown sugar better than white sugar in coffee?

The above tips and information about brown and white sugar would guide you on deciding which you would prefer. I suggest you try to compare for yourself, to be able to know which would be your preference.

Just be sure to control sugar intake because too much sugar won’t serve you well. When it comes to considering which is better, it will always depend on your preference.

Whether you would like to stick with white sugar or switch to using brown sugar on your coffee, it would depend entirely on you. As long as you are enjoying your coffee, either brown or white sugar would do.

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