reusing coffee grounds

Can you Reuse Coffee Grounds

Can you reuse coffee grounds after you are done with them? Most of us love that morning, afternoon or evening java. It has become an everyday drink and a staple for many all around the world.

A great way to prepare coffee is by roasting and grinding coffee beans. Not only do you get a great aroma, it tastes amazing. Once you’ve made your coffee though, there is a by-product that remains: the coffee grounds.

Can they be reused or they destined for the trash can once you’re done with them? Coffee grounds can be reused to make a second cup of coffee though the results won’t be as great as the first.

They can also be used for a host of other things the compost heap, repelling pests, cleaning dishes, washing hands, ordure removal and a host of other uses.

Can You Use the Same Coffee Grounds Twice?

Coffee grounds can be used twice. There are two ways you can do this. The first is to double brew your coffee. This basically means that you run your coffee through the brewer twice.

This means that you will get a stronger cup of coffee that has a higher level of caffeine. It’s somewhat of an art form if you want to get it right.

You need to make sure the water temperature is right. If it’s too hot, it will mess up the taste. You can also reuse coffee grounds for a second cup of coffee. The only problem here is that the second cup may not be as strong and will also contain a lot less caffeine than the first.

Reusing Coffee Grounds for a Cold Brew

Just in case you have no idea what cold brew is, it’s coffee that’s brewed at room temperature then served hot or cold depending on your preference.

The brewing process involves soaking coffee beans in water for 12 to 16 hours. When it is brewed this way, the coffee will have higher caffeine content as well as lower acidity.

The lower acidity is great for your well being. Reusing coffee grounds in cold brew depends on the coarseness of your coffee grounds.

You will generally get better results if you use coarser coffee grounds than finer ones. The finer grounds tend to go through the sieve when you filter your coffee.

To get the most out of the coarse grounds, soak them for a little longer than usual. Once you are done with your first batch, sieve and store away your grounds then reuse them when ready.

Reusing Coffee Grounds for Espresso

As far as an espresso is concerned, the jury is out on whether or not you can reuse coffee grounds. This is more or less a matter of individual taste.

Let’s try and look at both sides of the isle to see the pros and cons of each. Those is support of reusing coffee grounds rightly state that the taste doesn’t change that much.

Although this is true, a lot of us coffee drinkers also take it for the caffeine. The caffeine content of the second brew is greatly reduced.

This brings us to the argument that those against reusing coffee grounds for an espresso present. They bring up the low caffeine levels as a great reason to desist from reusing the coffee grounds. Like we said, this is a matter of personal taste.

How Long Do Used Coffee Grounds Last?

If processed and store properly after use, used coffee grounds have been known to last for up to 2 years. The biggest challenge when it comes to storing used coffee grounds is to remove excess moisture from them.

This is done through a multi stage drying process which begins by air drying the coffee grounds. Once they are sufficiently air dried, you can then take them outdoors where they can be further dried in the sun. You can then store the coffee grounds in sealed bottles for later use.

Other Uses for Used Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds have multiple other uses and we are now going to look into these.

Do Coffee Grounds Repel Mice?

The answer to that is yes. Mice have a keen sense of smell. Coffee grounds produce a very strong aroma and mice will generally keep away from areas that have coffee. If you have mice problems, sprinkle some coffee in areas that you want to keep mice away from.

Using Coffee Grounds As Scourers

Do you have dirty dishes or any other surfaces that need some scouring? Coffee grounds are great for doing this. They are great for cleaning dirty pots and pans as well as stove tops. They get the job done without being abrasive.

Coffee Grounds for Deodorizing

If you have smelly shoes, you can put coffee grounds inside your shoes and leave them there overnight. Take them out in the morning and you will have nice smelling shoes.

They are great at removing odours from your refrigerator as well. Put some coffee grounds in a clean sock and place it in your fridge. It will suck up all those smells that tend to build up inside refrigerators.

Using Coffee Grounds as Hand Wash

If you want a hand wash that is natural and won’t expose your hands to chemicals like those found in some soaps, coffee grounds are an excellent alternative.

They get your hands clean and leave them smelling fresh. You can mix the grounds with coconut oil to make your own moisturising hand wash.

Using Coffee Grounds in Compost Soil

grounds are acidic and are not good for most plants if they are applied directly to soil. However, if they are mixed with compost they become more balanced and greatly enrich the compost. This mixture is great for your garden and lawn.


Can you reuse coffee grounds? The answer for that is yes. If it’s to make another cup of coffee, there are a few draw backs to doing it. Fortunately, the uses of coffee grounds are not limited to being a beverage. They have so many other applications that you can try out today.

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